Producing films and learning languages at the same time.

In der Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team von The Worldrooms sind meistens natürlich Looks gefragt. Es macht mir immer wieder Freude zu sehen mit welchem Spaß und Engagement die Jungs von The Worldrooms bei der Sache sind und wie sich diese Dynamik auf das ganze Team überträgt.

– Alexandra Welke
Sweet Water of Memory • Short Movie, Plakat

Ich habe bei folgenden Projekten mitgearbeitet:

Sweet Water of Memory – Short Film • Blind Data – Web Series • Strawberry Jam – Short Film • Recall von MOM – Music Video • Burning Tree (Music Video) von Arionce and her Web Series: Up Up 

Feedback von Jonathan Steinhardt:

„For Sweet Water of Memory we did work the first time together. Her ideas for the make-up and hair went very well along with the message of the characters. We can really recommend to work with her!“

About The Worldrooms: We’re a cultural media company in Berlin. Producing films and learning languages at the same time. Imagine, pursue,  create.

We are an ardent film-production company based in Berlin that constructs audiovisual statements. Our idea is to create pure and honest content.
If you are looking for a heartless or superficial company, we are not the right choice for you. We won`t drop big names or pretend to be something we are not. Instead, we like to develop ideas and grow together, working closely with our partners and friends. 
This is what brought us together as “The Worldrooms”.

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